Did You Know You Can Flip Your Credit Score?

Just like a property you can flip your credit score by fixing any damage it has incurred. Be aggressive and dispute everything! 

Get Started!

They Built the System and Made the Rules. So use them to Your Advantage!

Challenge Everything and for a Change Make Them Prove that they are Accurate.  (Hint – they make mistakes all the time)

Dispute Everything

Be aggressive. Look for errors. Simply dispute everything on your credit report. Sometimes you are able to have negative items removed just by making the effort.

Dispute Everything with Help

Professionals know the most likely mistakes that are made by the bureaus. So make the bureaus prove that they followed the rules with a specific dispute. If they can’t prove they followed the rules, then the item has to be removed and your score goes up!

Keep Going

Keep making disputes. There are a lot of rules that they have to follow. Keep sending in disputes and see what happens. Move from the most likely error to the next most likely error and send it in. 

30 Days

They have 30 days to respond. If they don’t, then the item has to come off. Being aggressive puts you into position to get a better score!


Change your habits. If you are spending too much then get it under control. Don’t use debt to finance your lifestyle!

Make More Money

Get your credit card utilization down to where it should be and watch your score go up!

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