Start Investing in Real Estate with AirBNB and Corporate Credit

Starting out in Real Estate Investing doesn’t have to be so hard! Use short-term rentals to control and acquire real estate.

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Short-term rentals and Corporate Credit is an Exciting New No Money Down Strategy.

Understand the Market by Using the Resource at

Find and Rent a Property and then Make it a Short-term Rental

Rent to Sublet

Make sure you receive permission to sublet the property. Put it into the contract and disclose what you are planning with the owner.

Do the Research

Setup an AirDNA account so that you understand the market and the opportunity. Research the rental properties available and estimate their short-term rental potential.

Profit on the Margin

Profit on the difference between your monthly rental payment and your income from short-term rentals.

Prepare Yourself for Management

This can be a daily time requirement. You have the same responsibilites as a landlord while managing it like a hotel. You will need to keep your renters happy!

Protect Yourself

Form an LLC and conduct all business within it. Limit your personal risk by doing everything in the name of your business. 

Create Upside!

Whenever possible make it a lease / purchase agreement. That way you have the option to purchase the propery in the future and profit on the gain.

Andrew Smith Wrote the Book on Rental Arbitrage.

Learn how to rent a property and then sublet it in the short-term rental market place. Your rental will serve vacationers and business people as they want to stay in a more comfortable environment.

Property ownership isn’t required so there are no worries about finding Hard Money Lenders or major rehabs.

Read the book, do the research, and decide if this is an opportunity for you!


Answers to Your Questions

Fund with Corporate Credit

With Corporate Credit you can pay first and last month’s rent, make deposits, and handle any day-to-day cash flow requirements.

Divide and Conquer

With a single family home you may be able to divide the property into 2 or more rental units. Do the research and see what your market rewards.

Manage Risk

Use a legal entity like an LLC and put insurance in place. Protect yourself and your landlord. 


Short-term rentals and some cities are still learning how to tax you. Pay attention to the regulations and build compliance into your financial plan. The government always wants their share and they will regulate you!

Use Business Builder Funding

Business Builder Funding is my friend Tony’s business and your resource in obtaining corporate credit. They have funded over 18,000 startups and raised over $1 Billion since 2008.

Corporate Credit can give you the ability to secure multiple properties and really move quickly into this opportunity.

Rental Ready

Make your property look more like a hotel. Have the ammenties that a business person needs to be comfortable and have a great night’s sleep.


Know your market. If rentals go up or down based upon the time of year then you need to be ready for it. Use your Corporate Credit Line to get you through any low months and until you build up your reserves.

Use a Manament Firm

Property Manager exist to make life easier for landlorts. The same exists in the short-term rental industry. If you don’t have the time then you can use a property manager. Just make sure you recognize the added expense as you put your financial plan together!

Get Great Reviews

Bad reviews will kill your occupancy percentage and make the property unprofitable. So provide the service that generates great reviews.

Tony’s Team

The Business Builder Funding team understands exactly what banks, lenders, and investors are looking for before they lend to new and existing businesses. We know what it takes to secure funding and turn an idea into reality.

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