Start Investing in Real Estate with $75,000 to $250,000 in the Bank!

Starting out in Real Estate Investing doesn’t have to be so hard! Don’t limit yourself and open yourself to more opportunities. Use Corporate Credit to Start Investing in Real Estate.

Take Action and Get Your Funding Now!

Corporate Credit is 2019’s No Money Down Strategy.

Ditch the Cash Poor Mindset

Change your mindset with money in the bank. Stop acting poor when you are looking for deals. You lose credibility with others and yourself.

Combine with Hard Money

100% financing can be hard to find with a single loan. Especially with your first deal. So make investing easier by dividing the deal into two loans.

Work on all Deals

No money down deals are great, but can be hard to find. Having access to funds allows you to work on all the deals you see. Don’t let a strategy hold you back.

Easier Negotiations

Negotiations are easier when you have money in the bank. Wouldn’t you rather say “I’m going to put $75,000 of my own money in the deal” when talking to a lender.

Startup Funding

Secure funding to pay for an LLC, earnest money, a computer, upgraded cell, and anything else you need to be a professional real estate investor.

Money in the Bank

Have a credit line to use when you need it. Draw funds to show money in the bank, make a payment, pay a contractor, or even buy a property!

We Wrote the Book!

With your first property you may in fact need to find 100% financing for the deal. That’s fine. The 100% financing isn’t really the problem. What you actual need is two loans. 

Think about it. For new investors a fatal questions from a Hard Money lender is often “how much of your own money can you put into the deal?”.

When your answer is zero then lenders tend to shy away. The typical lender wants you to have “skin” in the game so that you are properly motivated to finish the deal and pay them back. 

So, what if you had $75,000 to $250,000 in the bank? Then you are a much more attractive deal to Hard Money lenders.

Make your life easier and still get the deal with No Money Down!

Answers to Your Questions

Credit Score

You or your partner will need to have a credit score of 680 or so to qualify. Let us know if you need help improving your credit score!

Soft Inquiry

You access your own credit score and share it with us. With that information we can determine how much funding you qualify for.

Business Builder Funding

Business Builder Funding is my friend Tony’s business and your resource in obtaining corporate credit. They have funded over 18,000 startups and raised over $1 Billion since 2008.

Talk to Us!

We love helping you get started with money in the bank. We can help you get started with one short phone call.

Starting a Business

Use the funding for any business purpose. This is your business. You make your budgeting and investment decisions.


The Business Builder Funding team understands exactly what banks, lenders, and investors are looking for before they lend to new and existing businesses. We know what it takes to secure funding and turn an idea into reality.

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